Mending Broken Britain

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Social Change

The riots across the UK are both terrifying and shocking to all those witnessing them. I am not a rioter nor do I condone the rioting, however I am not shocked that society as it is has sunk to such depths. The media and MPs describe this as individuals conducting in mindless looting, however it is not without reason. Yes the rioters and looters may appear rebels without a cause-to borrow a phrase, however there are specific reasons for this civil unrest. Are we so introvert that we forget how these individuals learn actions and behaviour? Social processes influence and mould individual behaviours. MPs talking about rioters destroying their own community, they are assuming they feel they have a community, economic failure and local budget cuts are destroying traditional social processes which encourage a sense of community such as youth clubs and are we forgetting, jobs perhaps more than anything else encourage a sense of purpose in life. Record levels of unemployment, leave the worst off in society with a sense of anomie, as they undoubtletly feel society has failed them. The dominant discourse blames individuals for causing criminal damage but refuses to accept the underlying social causes fuelling this disharmony. Furthermore, the lack of a distinct aim of these riots is used to legitimise the unlawfullness of these riots, however perhaps rioters would be willing to talk if they knew they wouldn’t immediately be locked up. Whats more the individuals at the lowest social strata, are most likely to be disenchanted and likely to take direct action but are least likely to be listened too!  The elitism in british society is endemic and these individuals lack the cultural capital, that is influence, to get their views across in what is seen as an accepted way. TV interviews are not an option, Elections dont work, as the MPs standing, with their private education dont represent the electorate in these inner city areas, therefore appathy is high. These riots have magnified the world’s attention on the social problems which do still exist in UK society, however the violence must now stop and the social change needed must be optained peacefully. Economic and social restructuring is needed in order to address the problems the worst off in society face. The advanced globalised situation Britain finds itself is can be both a force for good and bad. Infinate options exist with the growth of consumerism to ‘buy’ a perticular identity, however this is only available to those with a good education who can obtain a good job in the toughest economic climate for a generation, as certain groups in society suffer at the hands of a prejudice and racist social system the poorest, more likely to be from ethnic minorities, but not exclusively are still left behind, their freedoms are paradoxically further restricted by being unable to participate in this social practice of exersizing a consumer identity, and therefore anger grows. That is why looting is taking place. Now we have the world’s attention let us not gloss over the deep social problems modern Britain has. We must take Peaceful action to change society. I am not talking of Cameron’s BS Big Society, I am talking about a total restructuring of domestic economic and social policy which benefits not only those born into privilige, as now, but offers genuine oppotunity for All in society. It is our responsibilty to restructure British Society in order to ensure the riots need never be repeated.


09/08/2011 UK In Flames

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Social Change

After the worst night of rioting in modern British history, I sit wondering if the UK will see another night of civil disobedience . These actions described as “Mindless thuggery” by residents of London are not infact mindless at all. I warned yesterday that the riots could spread and barely 2 hours later, reports surfaced of rioting in UKs second city Birmingham. These indeviduals conducting in these acts are using Mark Duggan’s death as an excuse, yes unfortunatley, however, his death was a catalyst for the surfacing of long standing social problems, underinvestment in community projects and budget cuts lead these youths in a state of anomie, and the mere fact violence is used is an example of the failures these children have obviously faced in their experiences of primary and secondary socialisation. Perhaps the saddest part of this is not only that it has taken the death of a British citizen to wake the prehistoric MPs from their slumber about the social problems the UK faces but that the core issues will only gain wider acknowldgement once this violence has ended. The media’s ignorance of the social causes is worrying and upsetting, Boris Johnson describing the sociological reasons for the riots as unneccesary was very depressing. The police will stop these riots but only social development will prevent them in future.!/TheFreshBureau

Riots in Hackney

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Social Change

It comes as no surprise that the ruthless killing of a citizen on the streets of London England sparked riots for 3 days now. What is surprising is the confusion demonstrated by the world press in reaction to this news. With a global economic downturn looming and unemployment globally soaring, citizens frustrations with the state came to a head. With the UK in a more favourable economic position than the US, which has lost its AAA rating, and China the biggest creditor implicated by default, will more of this direct social action become commonplace across the globe…….